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Copy-Editing and Proofreading:

The LionheART team are passionate about books and are on hand to help you to polish your manuscript to an accurate and consistent high shine, whether you write fiction (novels, novellas or short stories) non-fiction manuscripts, scripts, dissertations, poetry, children's books or one-off celebration books.

Checking consistency and accuracy - including chronology and characters (names, appearance etc), checking facts, spellings, grammar, punctuation. Usually 4 reads, to include proofreading.

The fine-tuning and final checks for errors, no matter how minor. Usually two reads.

Quoted individually based on sample edit.

Dictionaries and Grammar GuidesEach manuscript is different, and it is therefore difficult to know how long an edit will take before we see it and, more importantly, you cannot fully judge our work by looking at another author's book. We therefore like to do a no-obligation, sample edit of the first chapter or 2000 words of a manuscript when we first start to work with an author. This way, we can ensure that you are happy with our work as well as set the parameters (UK v US English, for example), to make sure that we edit to your requirements, before you commit. We will also confirm the full cost to you at this stage so you have no unpleasant surprises.

It is important to us not only to work accurately, be thorough and timely, but also to explain our suggested changes and we will add explanatory comments as we go, and are always happy to answer any questions or queries. When we start your project, we will tell you when we expect to have it completed, and will also send you regular updates.

Examples of Books Edited by LionheART Publishing House

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The Editing Team:

Karen Perkins - photo by John RiceLouise Burke - EditorPeter Illidge - Editor

Karen Perkins is the bestselling author of the Yorkshire Ghost Stories and the Valkyrie Series and the proprietor of LionheART Publishing House. She has helped over two hundred books be published and feels each one has been a privilege.

Click here to listen to an Editing Surgery Podcast with Janice Ross at Cultural Cocktails

Louise Burke holds an Honours degree in English Literature and her editing days started during her time as student when she ran the university newspaper. Since then, she has worked on everything from church magazines to doctorate dissertations and currently works as a website editor and moderator. She is also involved with editing the work of Karen Perkins.

Peter Illidge holds a BA Honours degree encompassing English, Philosophy and Sociology, plus an MSc in Computing Science.
Peter has experience in editing both nonfiction - including a book by Dr David Fox of Cambridge University, on the history of Monetary Law - as well as fiction by international bestselling author Mike Wells, and is a valuable addition to the LionheART team.

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