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Terms and Conditions

Definitions and Details of Services
Copy-editing and Proofreading – usually 4 reads
Checking grammar and punctuation usage, spelling, consistency, chronology, checking of facts. The final check and approval of the file is the responsibility of the author.
Our main references for punctuation and grammar are: The Chicago Manual of Style 16 Edition, New Hart’s Rules, which is adapted from The Oxford Guide to Style, and New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors.
Preparing and laying out the text for publication.
Kindle and Smashwords Formats
Ensuring the text is well laid out (including block paragraphs) and indents are appropriate and consistent. Also ensuring all chapters start on a new page, there are no blank pages or extra formatting marks in the final document, the front and end papers are well laid out with fully working links as appropriate, and a fully linked and working table of contents is present.
There are a multitude of different types and sizes of ereader, plus various settings on each. At LionheART Publishing House, we will format your word file ready to be uploaded to the appropriate website in such a manner to give the best reading experience, whichever device or settings each reader uses. The best eformatting is unnoticeable to the reader – all their attention should be on your words, your story and your characters. The formatting should not detract or interfere with the reading experience in any way.
Print Formats
Your book will be sized and appropriate margins applied, and the text will be set out appropriately e.g. Prologue or Chapter One starting on a right-hand page, and block paragraphs containing an asterisk only where appropriate. The standard for block paragraph is for a single empty line when it falls in the middle of a page, and an asterisk to be added should the space fall at the very end or beginning of a page so that it’s clear to readers that it is a block paragraph. We will indent the first line of a chapter or block paragraph in line with the industry standard, so no indent when the first paragraph begins with narrative and indented if dialogue or internal dialogue.  If you would like block paragraphs handling differently, please just let us know.
We will include your author name and title of the book as headers at the top of the page, as well as page numbers at the foot where the first page of the text (Introduction, Prologue or Chapter One etc. as appropriate) is identified as page number 1. If you would like the headers removing from each chapter heading page, please let me know as this can take a further 1-2 hours and is not included in the standard format charge
If your book has a table of contents, we will also format this to accurately reflect page numbers.
Our standard print format is for CreateSpace as we have found this site to be the most popular, although we are happy to format for any other printing company. We would just need a template or details of their requirements.
Please ensure your book is fully edited and ready to be published before submitting for formatting. Making editorial changes after formatting requires time-consuming rechecking and can make some aspects (e.g. widow and orphan control) in need of redoing, and extra charges would therefore be incurred.
Cover Formats
If you have an existing cover image, e.g. for the e-book version of your book, send us the jpeg (the highest resolution you have will result in the highest quality of cover), along with the book description for the back cover. We will create a back cover image and add the appropriate spine detail for your paperback edition. We will need a template or sizing specifications from the printing company, unless it is for CreateSpace and we have also done the CreateSpace formatting.
Cover Design
Our professional designer will discuss the concept for your cover with you, and once this has been agreed, the invoice will be issued and payment is due. A draft image – still copyrighted to the designer – will be sent to you when ready for feedback. One minor change to the image and another to the text is included within the price, and further changes will incur extra charges, as would changes to the design concept after it has been agreed and work begun. The final image will not be sent until payment has been received.
Our Charges
Our charges for copy-editing and proofreading are £12.50/US$21 per hour. As it is impossible to know how long an edit will take until we have seen the manuscript, we will do a sample, non-obligatory edit of the first 2000 words, then give you an estimate for the amount per thousand words we will charge.
Standard Formatting Charges:
Createspace:  £25, US$42
KDP (Kindle): £25, US$42
Smashwords:  £40, US$70
If you have any extra requirements, please see the website: for details of what is available, and these would be charged at the hourly rate of: £12.50/US$21
(The Smashwords format uses their 'Nuclear Method' and will pass both the new Epub Checker and Premium Catalog. The length of time taken will depend on the number of chapters and also italics within the manuscript as each has to be formatted individually by hand to pass Smashwords' review processes).
The invoice will be sent to you once the first edit has been carried out (or formatting completed should this be the only service you require), and final files be forwarded on receipt of payment. We invoice via Paypal, in the currency of your choice, so there are no unexpected currency conversion charges.
It is a privilege to be asked to help an author bring their book into the world, and we will always treat your files with respect and caution.
LionheART provides paid services to your individual requirements and you retain all rights and responsibilities for your work – you do not sign any rights over to us, and are fully protected by copyright law.
LionheART will only work on original material for which you hold the copyright. If any work is found to be plagiarised or contain plagiarised material, whether text or images, LionheART will immediately terminate the working relationship, and full payment for all work carried out so far would be due.
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