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The Yorkshire Ghost Stories by Karen Perkins

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Karen Perkins's books on Goodreads 
Thores-Cross Thores-Cross
reviews: 19
ratings: 52 (avg rating 4.38)

Look Sharpe! Look Sharpe! (Valkyrie, #3)
reviews: 2
ratings: 17 (avg rating 5.00)

The LionheART Guide to Formatting The LionheART Guide to Formatting
reviews: 1
ratings: 12 (avg rating 5.00)

Dead Reckoning Dead Reckoning (Valkyrie, #2)
reviews: 14
ratings: 29 (avg rating 4.69)

The LionheART Guide to Editing Fiction: US Edition The LionheART Guide to Editing Fiction: US Edition
reviews: 2
ratings: 6 (avg rating 4.83)

LionheART Publishing House is a publishing services company with a difference.

As an author herself, Karen Perkins understands the months and years of hard work that go into writing a book, and how important our books are to us. Having self-published her own work, she also understands how daunting this can be - and how important it is to present our books in the best possible light and have people read and enjoy our books. It is a great achievement to write a book, but that's only the start; as Indie authors we take on the mantle of publisher as well as writer.
Karen Perkins

Karen puts the book first - whoever has written it. She regards being asked to help bring a book into the world as a privilege and takes as much pride and excitement in the success of books she has worked on as she does in the success of her own books.

Having felt her way in the dark at the beginning of her own journey to publication, she very much appreciated (and still does) the support and encouragement of family and close friends, and was lucky enough to connect early on with other authors in similar positions, each supporting the other. She recognizes the importance of this support, and brings this attitude into every aspect of her work with authors.

In her role as fiction author she has written six titles in the Yorkshire Ghost Story Series and the Valkyrie Series, all of which feature in bestseller lists on both sides of the Atlantic, and is also proud to have been invited to contribute to The Hot Box - a box set of "8 Sizzling Thrillers by 8 Best-Selling Authors", which reached the top 50 in the Kindle charts, followed by The Cool Box - 7 ice-shattering thrillers by 7 best-selling authors, which is available now.

In her first two years as an independent author, she has sold over 50,000 copies of her books and her first Yorkshire Ghost Story - Thores-Cross - won the silver medal for European fiction in the 2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards, presented in a ceremony in New York.


Karen believes that there should be no reason for a reader to be able to tell whether a book has been traditionally or self-published – unless they look up the publisher’s name – and prides herself on her thorough, accurate and professional standard of work. Also, as a fellow author, she appreciates the emotional ‘trauma’ of the publishing process, and works hard to minimize this as much as possible. She is always on hand to answer questions.


She feels honoured to be asked to help 'birth' a book, and never forgets the most important thing about any book – the story. The reading experience is paramount in her mind whether writing, editing or formatting.

As a further resource for authors, Karen has compiled her expertise and experience into publishing guides, which are available in paperback or ebook:

The LionheART Guide to Formatting for Independent Authors by Karen PerkinsThe LionheART Guide to Editing Fiction for Independent Authors: US Edition by Karen PerkinsThe LionheART Guide to Editing Fiction for Independent Authors: UK Edition by Karen Perkins

For further information about any of these guides, please visit Karen's author website, which also includes details about her fiction, including a FREE short story offer:

Knight of Betrayal: A Yorkshire Ghost Story by Karen PerkinsThores-Cross: A Yorkshire Ghost Story by Karen PerkinsCursed: A Thores-Cross Short Story by Karen Perkins
PARLIAMENT OF ROOKS: Haunting Brontë Country

The Valkyrie Series: The First Fleet (Books 1-3)  by Karen PerkinsThank you for visiting, and please do browse the site. If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Karen on

Or if you would like more information about her books, please visit her author website:
where you will also find details about her FREE Valkyrie short story offer: Where Away
Karen Perkins is a member of the Society of Authors, click for more information

You can also connect with Karen on:

Twitter: @LionheartG

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KNIGHT OF BETRAYAL: A Yorkshire Ghost Story by Karen Perkins
The second paranormal suspense thriller in the Yorkshire Ghost Story series, Knight of Betrayal will plunge you into the vibrant and deadly world of medieval England: Henry II, Thomas Becket – and fou...

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THE VALKYRIE SERIES by Karen Perkins - Book Trailer
Historical adventure of piracy, love and revenge in the Caribbean in the seventeenth century ILL WINDDEAD RECKONINGLOOK SHARPE!WHERE AWAYGabriella Berryngton is an unhappy and oppressed ...

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Thores-Cross by Karen Perkins - Book Trailer
Thores-Cross by Karen Perkins is a #1 Bestseller in British Horror, A haunting novel set in the North Yorkshire Moors about isolation, superstition and persecution. Thores-Cross follows...
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