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Cover Design

Book covers have always been important - let's face it, we do judge a book by its cover. What does yours say about your book? 

With the publishing revolution of e-books well underway, your cover is now even more important. Not only does it have to work well at full-size on your paperback, but also at the thumbnail size that the e-bookstores use, catching the eye of browsing readers and driving them to your listing page to buy your book.

But your book cover's role does not stop there. It is not unusual for e-readers to have tens or even hundreds of unread books in their libraries, so how does the reader choose which book to delve into next?

If they do not read your book, they will not leave a review and they are unlikely to buy more. In addition, Amazon have launched a new scheme, Kindle Unlimited where, for a yearly subscription, readers can borrow any book that is enrolled in KDP Select, for free and for an unlimited period. Payments to authors under this scheme are not triggered by the download of your book, but when the first 10% has been read. For you to be paid, your book needs to be opened and read.

The only thing your potential reader will see of your book once it is on their Kindle is the cover - often in black and white. They cannot click to read the book description, so your cover has to do all the work, selling your book to the reader for a second time.

LionheART Publishing House can help with

a professional design by CC Morgan Creative Visuals

Cecelia MorganCecelia Morgan is a talented and qualified graphic designer who specialises in photography, and is further honing her skills at the Chelsea College of Arts - one of London's most prestigious art and design schools.

Cecelia dedicates herself to each and every project, working closely with the author to ensure the highest quality and appropriate cover for your book to help you maximise visibility and sales.

Her design for Thores-Cross: A Yorkshire Ghost Story by Karen Perkins was instrumental in the book winning the silver medal for European Fiction in the 2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards.

Cecelia believes not only in producing work she can be proud of, but that you as the author can be proud of. If possible, she prefers to read your book to fully understand the genre, characters and themes to truly capture the essence of your story, keeping you involved in the design development from the outset.

Front/e-book Cover Creation
Cecelia's Latest Design. Please see gallery above for more examples of her work
Prices dependent on requirements - please contact us via form below and we will be in touch to discuss ideas with you to find the right design for your cover, which will be original and unique, and reflect the genre and content of your book.

As designing a cover is a creative process, the more time and information you can give Cecelia the better - preferably at least a month. When we have agreed on a design, we will send you a draft of the cover to ensure we are on the right lines, adjust if necessary, then add effects to the image and title to make it really stand out, not only for print but also in thumbnail size.

If you change your mind over the design, we are happy to redesign and again send you a draft. More than one redesign would incur further charges. 

If you are publishing in paperback - please see the Manuscript & Cover Formatting page for details of the paperback format, involving the creation of back cover and spine.

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"I love the book covers! It came out far better than I imagined. Great job."
Dormaine G, Author of 'Madame Lilly, Voodoo Princess'

"Wow, wow, wow - it's like you got into my head, took the image I had in my mind, and made it look a hundred times better - I love it! Thank you so much!"
Annelise Fox, Author of 'Theater Voyeur: Lights'

"OH MY GOD. I can't take my eyes off the cover. It is fantastic. I love it! Things are looking super swell!! Please give Cecelia a big hug for me. The lady has talent!"
Kelly Accinni, Author of 'Alien Species Intervention'

"I am absolutely stunned by the new covers and cannot tell you how pleased I am. I have had so much positive feedback from readers, and within a month of their launch people recognised them when I showed them the images - I'm overjoyed at the impact they have! I am so proud to be working with you, Cecelia."
Karen Perkins, Author of 'Ill Wind', 'Dead Reckoning', 'Thores-Cross', 'The LionheART Guide to Formatting' and 'The LionheART Guide to Editing Fiction'

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