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Formatting - More Information

Please email Karen Perkins on to discuss your formatting requirements. The prices quoted below are a guide and reductions may be available should you require multiple formats or if Karen has also edited your manuscript.

The Cool Box: 7 ice-shattering thrillers by 7 best-selling authorsFor best results, any images should be 1800 x 2700 pixels at 300 dpi, and manuscripts should be submitted as Word .doc or .docx files.

The prices below are based on novels. Please email with details of short stories, anthologies, picture books, reference books, box sets etc. to discuss your requirements.

Kindle/KDP Formatting - Manuscript
Novels under 100k words – £40/$70
Novels over 100k words – £50/$85
Novels over 200k words – £75/$100
Picture books: From £40/$70 (dependent on size and number of images).

The Plagues of Pandora by David LeadbeaterIncluded:
* Linked table of contents

* Text - any extraneous formatting marks removed so text flows smoothly on the Kindle, Times New Roman, font size 11 or 12. Please advise which size you prefer, otherwise the size will be determined from your Word file. The text will also be indented correctly and consistently.

* Formatting of end notes and images.

EPUB Formatting and Conversion - Manuscript
Novels under 100k words – £50/$85
Novels over 100k words – £75/$125
Novels over 200k words – £100/$140
Picture books: From £50/$85 (dependent on size and number of images).

Species Intervention #6609: Echo by J.K. AccinniSmashwords distributes to a number of e-book sites and their criteria for formatting are more exacting than those for KDP. All of the the above formatting is included, along with adjustments to the copyright page, an individually linked table of contents, and all links and references to Amazon removed. LionheART guarantees that our formats will pass the Smashwords premium catalog review, and if any adjustments to the formatting need to be made to ensure this, they will be carried out with no further charge.

Paperback/CreateSpace - Manuscript
Novels under 100k words – £40/$70
Novels over 100k words – £50/$85
Novels over 200k words – £75/$100
Picture books: From £40/$70 (dependent on size and number of images).

* Sizing: Please confirm your preferred size of paperback, and your pages and margins will be sized appropriately.

* Font: The stand font used is Georgia, with chapter headings sized at 14, and the text at 10, line spacing 1.15. The title page will be larger, depending on the size of the title and your author name. Many other fonts are also available to you and if you would like to use any different fonts, please let us know. Most are licensed for print, and the font also needs to be licensed for commercial use.

The Black Orchestra by JJ Toner
* Headers: Your book title and author name will be included, and will start on the first page of your first chapter or prologue as appropriate. If you have any preference over whether the title/name appears on the left- or right-hand page, or if you would like them italicised please let us know.

* Block paragraphs will be left blank in accordance with industry standard unless the empty line falls on the first or final line of a page when an asterisk will be inserted. If you would like block paragraphs treated differently, please let us know.

If you would like a pdf version of the file to upload (recommended and included within the price), please check the Word file we will send you to make sure you're completely happy with the presentation of your book. Once you have approved the file and notify us of the ISBN, a pdf will be created for you.
Underworld: Chimera by Andy Lucas
* Removal of header and/or page numbers on the first page of a chapter. The cost is dependent on the number of chapters in your book, please email with details for a quote.

* Formatting of footnotes, end notes and images

If you would prefer to format your manuscript yourself, The LionheART Guide to Formatting is available in paperback or individual ebooks to help you through the process. Please click the images below for more information:

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