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Karen Perkins - photo by John Rice
'As writers we are wordsmiths, creating a world, characters and story through language, and punctuation is one of the tools of language. To ignore it, except for rare exceptions, to me is like Monet painting with the wrong colours, or Michelangelo attempting to sculpt using a hammer when a chisel is needed. 

Words are what we do, language is our medium and punctuation our tool. When I write, I want to take my readers to my world, to join my characters on their journey, to experience their challenges, traumas, desires. I want them to take this journey with me, without noticing the individual words, full stops or commas. I want them to lose themselves in the story, not in the mechanics of it, and this will only happen if all the elements are right.'                            
Karen Perkins

The hard work is done - you have written your book, now let LionheART Publishing House help you with the rest of your journey.

We offer a wide range of publishing services, from editing to promoting and everything in between. Our services are all detailed and priced individually so that you can choose which services are right for you, whether you would purely like some help with formatting your manuscript, or would like support with the entire process. You have full control and do not sign any rights to your work away.

As the author, you always have the last word.

Thores-Cross: A Yorkshire Ghost Story by Karen PerkinsServices Available:
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Checking text for consistency and accuracy - including chronology and characters, facts, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

LionheART is currently fully committed with editing projects and we are unfortunately unable to take on any new editing clients.

For Kindle, paperback, and/or Epub

Cecelia Morgan is a talented and qualified graphic designer who specialises in photography to bring you a stunning, original and professional cover for your book.

Sizing and creation of spine and back cover to work with your front cover for your paperback edition 

Get noticed on social media with high quality and professionally designed images

Westie - by Fiona Odle
Let talented and versatile artist Fiona Odle bring your story and characters to life with professional illustrations

High-impact, HD, professional, bespoke video trailers to help you promote your book and boost your chances of going viral

Example Testimonials

"Thank you so much for the wonderful work you have done for me. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you in the future."
Dormiane G, Author of 'Madame Lilly, Voodoo Princess'

"Karen, that was really fast! Everything looks great! I'm so happy with all the formats. I definitely look forward to doing business with you again, when I finish writing my next book." 
Selena Haskins, Author of 'A River Moves Forward'

"I'm always rattling on about how amazing your work is. You are the best, Karen! I'm in tears! The people at the coffee shop are gonna think I'm crazy. :-)"
Janice G Ross, Author of 'Damaged Girls I'

"I want to thank you again for your wonderful assistance.  The process was very user friendly, professional and I will be delighted to work with you again."
Cynthia Westland, Author of 'The Silent Chanteuse'

LionheART Publishing Services
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Copy Editing/ Proofreading
Cover Design
Formatting for Print
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Formatting for Smashwords
Cover Formatting
Promotional Images
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Type of Manuscript: Novel/Poetry/Children's book etc
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Any further info:
Preferred Currency for Quote

'Following a glowing recommendation from a fellow writing buddy, I've found working with Karen and LionheART to be a wonderful experience. The sting and fear, in what can be a stressful and nerve-wracking experience process, was non existent. Karen stuck with me every step of the way and went ABCD [above and beyond the call of duty] to make sure my manuscript was the best it could be. I will certainly be back with the rest of my series!'
Ileandra Young/Raven ShadowHawk, Author of 'Vicki & Lara (Meeting Each Other)'

'I can honestly say that Karen helped me make my book "Struggles of the Women Folk" sing! Her talents are so far beyond those of an editor. She actually reads for content as well. She's the best!!!'
T.M. Brown, Author of 'Struggles of the Women Folk'

'Your help has been invaluable! Thank you so much for your comments and support. Thank you for being so clear and detailed.Thank you again for such a wonderful job well done!'
J.K. Accinni, Author of The Species Intervention #6609 Series

'Oh Karen, you are God send. Thank you a thousand times over.'
Phangisile Mtshali, Author of 'Makoti Enters the Kraal'

'Thank you so much! There really is so much more to this than I realized. It's truly heartwarming to see how authors can be so supportive of one another.' 
J.C. Lee, Author of 'Removal of the Guard (Exposed by This Man)'

''Wow Karen! I must be honest - I didn't expect such depth to your editing and how easy it is to follow. I have been edited before and found it quite challenging to follow many of the comments and suggestions.Very impressed!'
Mary-Anne Crooks, Author of 'Dear George'

'I think your editing has been terrific - intelligent  and insightful. . . I can ask for no more.The book will be far better as a result of your keen eye.'   
'Thanks again for the wonderful edit job. The book is immeasurably better as a result of your input - no doubt about that.'   
Steven Bannister, Author of 'The Red Shoes' & 'Back to Black'     

'Fantastic edit, thank you. I checked it last night and then found myself carried along and ended up on it for hours. I love your comments and thanks for the praise! Always welcome :) And always nice to break up the monotony of editing. I think I've agreed with 98% so that's a good thing.' 
David Leadbeater, Bestselling Author of the 'Matt Drake Action/Adventure series' 

''Thank you for your prompt work! … You, my dear lady, are bomb-sauce!'
Jordanna East, Author of 'Blood in the Past'
'Thank you again for how prompt and helpful you have been today!Thanks again for all your hard work! I am very happy with the results. :)…Wow! You are definitely going the extra mile here, Karen…You're the best!'
Amy Queau, Author of 'Progress' & 'Interrupted'

''Thanks so much, Karen. I've already started working through your notes and they are really helpful. Brilliant, you total bugger! Ha ha, lots to do now! Ha ha.' 
Claire C Riley, Author of 'Limerence'

'I read [Thores-Cross by Karen Perkins] pretty fast but I do not recall any spelling or grammatical errors.
Jeff Bennington, Bestselling author of 'Reunion', 'Twisted Vengeance' & 'The Secret Tree'

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