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Rose Marie Shaw

Ribbon of River by Rose Marie Shaw
Rose Marie is Yorkshire born and bred, she is an avid writer of poetry and short stories with a twist and Ribbon of River is her first novel, set in the Yorkshire Dales and drawing on her keen observations of rural Yorkshire life. Ribbon of River is in part inspired by the people who have meant the most to Rose Marie over the years.

Rose Marie has been a member of Harrogate Writers' Circle for a number of years and has written poetry and many short stories.  Her poem 'The Wooden Fruit Bowl' won first prize in one of their competitions. She is now working on a second novel. 
She lives in Harrogate about one mile from the house where she was born and can trace her ancestors living in Harrogate back 200 years.  It is their intricate lives that inspired her to write Ribbon of River.  Although, once she started writing, the book had a life of its own and it took her in all sorts of other directions and different imaginary anecdotes. 
Set in the early 19th century it is about life in a ficticious village in the Yorkshire Dales and after lots of research it is true to life in those times but ended up nothing like her family history. 
The paperback  RIBBON  OF  RIVER  by  ROSE  MARIE  SHAW  can be bought on line from Amazon and it is also published on Kindle,  or a signed copy can be bought from me.   

Ribbon of River: Book Description:

Early in the 19th century, Lizzie is traumatised by the loss of her entire family in a devastating house fire. Initially taken in and cared for by Dorothea Fothergill, an elderly neighbour, she is later dispatched from her native Herefordshire to an employer in Yorkshire, leaving behind everything she knows and loves.
Keeping house for Mr Fothergill, Lizzie’s life is comfortable but unrewarding. She overhears Mr Fothergill explaining to one of the village men, Reuben Webster, that he has received an inheritance of a cottage and flock of sheep, on condition that he takes a wife. Lizzie realises dreams of her own home and family could come true if she was Reuben’s wife.
She sets out to be seductive and attract his attention but her life turns out to be one of mishap and trauma, putting not only her happiness but also her life at risk.
Can Lizzie triumph over adversity and find happiness and fulfilment?

Ribbon of River is now available from Amazon

Ribbon of River by Rose Marie Shaw

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